Namibia is a country that one can’t help but love. From the vast expanse of scenery to the amazing heart of it’s people.  It is my heart’s desire to one day travel the width and breath of the country to experience it’s “vibe” and meet people of it’s various cultures.  For now, it’s the southern half of the country that has crept into my heart.

I am looking forward to 2018 and all it offers with regards to the EMIT vision.  My task will remain much the same, i.e., keeping the Student database updated.  Interacting with each Student is such a blessing and therefore, I hope to attend the institutes again during the year ahead.  

East Africa

What a busy year which has just passed.  My late mother always said that the older you get, the shorter the days are and the quicker the years fly passed.  Back then, I did not understand this.  Monday morning meant a whole week of school had to go by before one could again enjoy what the next weekend had to offer.  And goodness, did time drag by.  But now, I do understand what Mother was saying and fully agree with her opinion on the matter.

Unfortunately, I was unable to travel to East Africa during 2017.  However, I did continue with the admin work for the 3 countries.  We saw a number of Pastors graduate after 4 years of training.  Graduation is always a wonderful time of celebration.  For the Staff and Volunteers, it is always a joy to stand on the side-lines and experience the atmosphere created by the celebrations.  To God be the glory.

As a Volunteer at EMIT, I have been blessed to participate in the training of these Pastors.  The knowledge the subjects provide, equips these men and women to continue the work of the Lord successfully.  Many entered the program feeling defeated and discouraged. Four years later, they leave with a spring in their step and an anointed determination.

Over the past 2 years, EMIT have begun a program to empower the women of Africa.  Subjects include Entrepreneurship, Computer skills, Trauma etc.  Women from all walks of life are invited to participate in the course, including amongst others, politicians, educators, business women and the lady who sells vegetables on the street corner..  A sense of anticipation is experienced at the training institutes.  Many women have never had to opportunity to attend such training. 
In keeping with the Lord’s plan for my life, I will no longer be directly involved in the work of EMIT in East Africa.  Naturally, my emotions are somewhat mixed.  I met many wonderful people in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  Many of these folk are now FaceBook friends, so we will remain in contact. 

It has been an honour to serve the Lord’s people in these countries.  However, it is now time to move into the next season that the Lord has planned.  Thank you to each one for your friendship, advise, guidance, laughter, and acceptance. 
I will continue to pray for you all
God bless.

New Year 2017

Here in Cape Town, we have entered the New Year with strict water restrictions due to the ongoing drought.  Our supply dams are at less than 30% capacity, which a very serious situation.  Please pray for rain.

It is all systems go for 2017 and the mission work I am involved in.  AFMIN has undergone some changes, which includes a name change.  Now known as EMIT based on the fragrance of the Lord that we emit.
Although I shall continue doing volunteer clerical work for my project leader, I possibly will not be travelling to East Africa as much as in the past, due to various restraints.  These include health issues and also financial challenges.  Not only do I need to provide my own travel expenses, but I also need to provide for myself on a day-to-day basis, both in the field and here at home.  Past support is greatly appreciated.  However, due to the economic situation in our country, sponsorships are not easy to obtain, and therefore I need to look at other forms of income. 

Recently, I was reading about Daniel  (in chapter 10).  Daniel had had a bad dream and was very perturbed by it.  For 21 days he fasted and prayed. Then the angel of the Lord came to him and said that the Prince of Persia  (an evil spirit) had delayed him….  I could relate to this as although I pray earnestly, I do not receive the answer I need.

Family news:
Baby Eva Rose joined our family in August last year.  I lovely little girl, who is very people conscious and smiles a lot.  She is all eyes for big brother Cullen.  I am blessed with these 2 little people in my life.

My daughter, Roelene is leaving the nest.  She has been offered a teaching post in the Far East and leaves in a few weeks.  This is quite an adventure and I send her with my blessing.  I am looking forward to following her adventure via photos and social media.
Thank you for your prayers and support.  May the Lord bless you all.


Preparing for Graduation

Suddenly, we find ourselves in the 2nd half of 2016.  But it is not time to start winding down to the end of the year.  Quite the opposite.  Here at AFMIN, we are busy with Schools in all the countries and the highlight of the year – the graduation ceremony.  Students who have successfully completed there 4 years of studies, covering 37 subjects and  trained up at least 10 other church leaders qualify for graduation.  It is a time of pomp and ceremony.  Family and friends gather and the students, dressed in their graduation attire, enter the auditorium.  Each graduate is presented with his diploma, together with certificates for the 10 people he/she has trained during the 4 years. 

With these ceremonies in mind, there is a vast amount of admin work required.  Through the 4 years, the students’ progress is individually monitored, checked and audited.  Correct spelling of names for diplomas and certificates is crucial.  Once this information is finalized, the information is sent to head office for checking and printing of diplomas and certificates.

I am directly involved in the monitoring of Students’ progress.  Data capturing and producing updated reports is essential, albeit time consuming.   Currently, we are preparing for 3 graduations in our geographic areas of ministry, namely Uganda (September), Namibia (October) and Kenya (November).


Winter 2016

In August 2016, our family welcomed Eva beautiful granddaughter.  Birth is a miracle and we are honoured that the Lord has sent this little girl into our lives to bring joy.  Together with big brother Cullen, this is one proud Granny!!

Newsletter - Autumn 2016

What a start to 2016 !!….and to think we have reached April already.

In the 3rd week of January 2016, I had to undergo should surgery, on my dominant side.  The rotator cuff had a 100% tear and quite a bit of work was done on 2 bones in the joint.  I was not prepared for the levels of pain or the long-term recovery period.  After a few days, I was re-admitted into hospital because my blood sugar levels were too low and I was not coping with the pain.  Thankfully, I am on the mend.  I am able to drive my car again and have become more independent.  Physiotherapy is tough but necessary and I hope to have full use of my arm within 12 months.

Family news:
My daughter, Roelene has an on-going battle with health issues, due to  her thyroid having been removed 6 years ago.  At that time, she was treated for Thyroid Cancer.  Recently, she spent a week in hospital as further tests were done, as her body is not absorbing the replacement thyroid medication correctly, and was diagnose with Thyrotoxicosis.  She has also been tested for metal imbalances. The results have not been very good, with very high levels of mercury and other metals. A new course of medication has been added to detox her body and we have to research all foods to be sure that she is not consuming too many metals  (goodbye Sushi!)  Slowly, she is recovering and has been able to return to her teaching position.

My grandson, Cullen, will be turning 1 year old in April 2016.  He is Granny’s heart-throb and came into my life at the perfect time to fill the gap left by Peter.  Another blessing is that he will become a big brother later this year.

Ministry News:
The shoulder operation limited my typing abilities but at last I am managing to keep up with the clerical work that I do for AFMIN  (Africa Ministries Network).  In 2016, we will be holding graduations in the four countries where I am involved.  This means much updating of student data and reports.  I love this sort of clerical work which the Lord has allowed me to use in ministry.  As I am not a a pastor or evangelist, this is a wonderful way for me to be involved in service to the Lord and the people who do go out and win/nurture souls.  
 Many of the pastors and church leaders who are been trained by AFMIN, would otherwise not have the opportunity to gain this type of knowledge. 37 subjects are offered over a 4 year period.  Further to this, Students who graduate with an Advanced Diploma have the opportunity to register to do a Degree in Theology at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS).
Currently, I am involved in ministry in Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  The year ahead:
There are 4 more AFMIN Schools (Conference weeks) during 2016,  which I am trusting the Lord that I can attend.  Due to the operation, I had not been able to travel but have now been given the go-ahead by the medical people. 
During the Schools, I am directly involved with interviewing each student so as to ensure that they remain up-to-date with their studies and other practical requirements, so as to aim for graduation.  Considering that 35 to 70 students attend each “School”, time is of the limit as we strive to give each person quality time, during their interview.  I continue with admin work at home which equals a full-time clerical position. 
This ministry is extremely fulfilling and has been very beneficial in my searching for purpose after losing Peter.  The Lord has a calling on each of our lives and it is up to us to seek His Will and then put ourselves into 100% service, no matter where He leads us.

Prayer Requests:
*For the Pastors and Ministers of the Churches in Africa.  Ephesian 4:11 – that the Lord will use them to build up His People and to supply their needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus.
*Afmin staff and volunteers and each one strives to fulfil the vision  (
*The safe arrival of Simon and Melanie’s baby in August 2016.
*For Roelene regarding her health issues.  For wisdom to be given to the medical people involved in her case, so that they can treat and advise her positively.
*For my health issues.  I am Type2 Diabetic and I have a constant battle as to whether it controls me or I successfully control it!  The diabetes affects my eyes, kidneys and often is responsible for low energy days.
*For my safety when traveling, protection on my belongings and that the Lord will supply my financial needs both for travelling and daily living.  As a volunteer, I am responsible for raising funds through sponsorship.

Please feel free to send any prayer requests through to me, so that I can support you in your endeavours and the situations that life present you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter.  

Family Reunion

There is something very special about arranging a big reunion with cousins, who one has not seen for many, many years.  So many years in fact, that our children are now adults and parents themselves.  

75 people descended on my childhood hometown of Dundee in South Africa for a period of 5 days.  We hired the local junior school hostel as our base.  Many activities were planned, including visiting the local museum, a hike to bushmen’s paintings and a clime but the mountain on the family farm.

Besides keeping an eye on the cricket, we survived without TV, and spent much time out on the rugby field with a ball and also playing other games.  The children all got along famously without any squabbles.  The only tears I saw came from a 2 year old who was over-tired.  Previously unknown relatives made firm connections with cousins, which is bound to produce many contacts for the future.

I can encourage all families to consider holding a family reunion.  Weddings and funerals are not the appropriate places to enjoy the fun and laughter that a reunion provides.

Kenya my joy

There is something about Kenya that really touches my heart.  This may be due to the connection I have through family who have lived or been born there.   Or that the calling that the Lord placed in my life many years ago is still very alive in my spirit.  Whatever the reason, every time we fly into the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, I am aware that I am there for a reason.

My reaction was purely for 
the benefit of the children!
The Sunday after we arrived, saw us attending a church service at Revival Christian Church, in the outskirts of Nairobi.  What a blessed time we had there.  We were welcomed as guests of honour and treated as such.  Not been someone who enjoys attention on myself,  I am learning to enjoy the blessings church leaders and members wish to bestow on us.  During the service, I noticed a little girl of about 8 years of age, watching me shyly.  After the service she found the courage to approach me and touch my hair.   She called some friends closer and soon they were having much fun messing with my hair.  They were totally surprised when they counted FIVE colours in my hair... black, brown, yellow, white.... and grey!!

Alta and me working in 
extreme temperatures
We then flew to Mombasa where we were involved in the Afmin On10 School.  37 Students graduated at the end of the week.  It is wonderful to see these people succeed and complete the course begun 4 years previously.  Well done to all the graduates...

Mombasa is extremely hot in November and we had to cope with temperatures of 30°C and up to 97% humidity.  Bottled water was the order of the day and we also used up a few packets of hand wipes.

We returned to Nairobi where we were blessed to spend a few days of rest, at the AIM Guest house.  This is a wonderful place for missionaries to stay-over en-route to the mission field or on the way home.  One gets to meet other wonderful servants of the Lord and to hear their stories.  It is inspiring to hear how the Lord has called each one to the different types of ministries He requires of them.


Lake Victoria at sunset
As the plane approached Entebbe International Airport, we flew low over Lake Victoria at sunset.
This is the first time I had had a clear view of the lake, due to cloud cover on my previous trip.
The scene was an amazing example of the creation of our Father.  I have never previously seen such a magnificent shade of orange in a sunset and I was overwhelmed by the sheer beauty.

Uganda has an extra special place in my heart because it was the first East African country that I visited.  Although the weather was rather hot at times, every afternoon ends with an electrical storm which cools everything down.
Stella with Alta and Johan Cronje at Namirembe 
We stayed at Namirembe Guest house which is run by the Missionary Society of the Anglican Church of Uganda.   The accommodation was comfortable and homely  and we will definitely return.  A wonderful thing about staying at a missionary guest house, is the fact that one meets people from around the world.  It is encouraging to hear their stories and what they are doing in the county.  Many are blessed by our work amongst pastors and church leaders and once again I realised the important role that the Lord has called me to.

Our office in the lecture hall
The Afmin School was a great success.  The students are progressing well and 31 are preparing for graduation at the end of 2016.  I had the privilege of meeting one-on-one with each potential graduate, and getting to know them.  Their enthusiasm for their studies is very evident and each one is every appreciative of the knowledge they are gaining. 


Since I was a child, something about Kenya gripped my heart and I have always wanted to go there.  So it was with great excitement that I boarded a bus in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzanian to travel to Mombasa, Kenya.  When we crossed the border at Horohoro, my heart was in my throat…well, that is how it felt.  We were required to walk across “no man’s land” and I did so on my own, as I just needed time alone to absorb the reality of where I was and why I was there.
Standing at a Boabab tree
The coast is very busy with many, many people.  I do not recall ever seen so many people in one place!  There is a vibe and sense of expectation which I have not experienced anywhere else. 
Afmin Office Kenya
The Afmin team in Kenya welcomed us with open arms.  We all immediately “clicked” and this resulted in us working very well together.  We set up office on the veranda outside the lecture room.  A breeze blew most of the week, which eased the humidity. 
Once again, it was wonderful to meet and interview the students.  This time, I dealt with those who are heading to graduation this year.  Their enthusiasm is wonderful.  These people serve the Lord under trying conditions and yet the love they have for the Lord is very evident.

I was asked to describe my impression of Kenya.  My reply was :  So many people. Huge task and responsibility for pastors / church.